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Are you tired of wasting time and money on treatment options that aren't helping your mental health symptoms? 

Get to get to the root cause of your symptoms with a Functional and Nutritional Assessment.

What is Functional and Nutritional Psychiatry? 

Functional and Nutritional Psychiatry is a holistic, integrative approach to treating mental health symptoms by addressing the root cause.  Identifying nutritional deficiencies, genetic mutations, and inflammation can help functional psychiatric providers to determine the root cause of mental health symptoms. 


If you're interested in this approach, you might want to consider our

Functional and Nutritional Assessment. 

Functional and Nutritional Psychiatry

What is tested? 

Testing includes: inflammatory markers, vitamin and mineral levels, genetic testing (to assess genetic mutations), viral/bacterial/fungal overgrowth, and basic labs to assess overall health to rule out medical conditions


Optional add-on labs available

Functional and Nutritional Psychiatry

What should I expect?

 1 hour session with your provider to review detailed history and symptoms.

 Labs will be ordered during your first appointment. 

 1 hour session with your provider to discuss findings and treatment recommendations. 

functional psychiatry

The total price for the

Functional and Nutritional Assessment is $2999

(includes 2 one-hour sessions with your provider and it covers all of the labs)

Many of the labs we order are specialty tests that insurance doesn't cover.  So to be sure we get all of the tests we need, we order and purchase them through the clinic account for you.  We have found that it is easier and more cost-effective to the clients. 


If you're ready to get to the root cause of your mental health symptoms, schedule your appointment today!

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