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“Its roots are deep in the dark waters, but the waterlily overcomes and emerges as a beautiful flower.”

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At Blue Lily Psychiatry, our mission is to empower our clients to take control of their mental health. Our approach to well-being begins with compassion and understanding. We provide the guidance and support you need so you can be the best version of you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dj Giampaolo
Dj Giampaolo
I felt very comfortable with her and she is good at what she does
Loren Martinez
Loren Martinez
My daughter and I recently moved to Florida from Texas. I was dreading transitioning my care across the country but Denayer made the experience a very pleasant one. The care I have received by the Lotus Psychiatry Group has exceeded all of my expectations. It is refreshing to see patient care truly prioritized by a provider.
Alan Bruckenstein
Alan Bruckenstein
Denayer is thoughtful, intelligent, never judges, and a pleasure to talk to. I was using a different service that she was part of, but when they had issues and began offloading clients Denayer made it very easy for me to stick with her. Her pricing was lower than what I paid before the switch, she worked with me to make sure I wouldn't run into issues at my pharmacy, and just made everything as smooth as possible. I'd give her 6 stars if I could.