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Meet The Owner Of Blue Lily Psychiatry.


This is Stephanie Malench with Write By Steph and I am here with Denayer with Blue Lily Psychiatry and I am going to ask her some questions about her practice.

Stephanie Malench: Denayer, what made you decide to start Blue Lily Psychiatric?

Denayer Mueller: I started Blue Lily Psychiatry after working on the inpatient unit for the majority of my career. On the inpatient unit, patients would come in, we would treat them, stabilize them, and we would send them back to their outpatient psychiatrist. I decided I need a change, I wanted to be a part of their journey as they continued their treatment, so I transitioned to working with another outpatient clinic, but it was run more like a factory. The patients were…they were short, back to back, I felt very rushed when I was seeing patients and I didn’t feel like I had a good opportunity to spend time with them to go over their treatment plan or answer all their questions adequately. So, I decided “I can do this a little better, let me start my own practice”, and that way I have a little more control over how long appointment times are, and the patients will have the option if they do have more questions or they do want to spend a little more time talking they have the ability to schedule a little bit longer of an appointment and that will give us time to talk and get a little more about what is going and answer their questions and I feel like I’m actually helping them versus rushing them through, like “here’s your refill, next patient.”  

Stephanie Malench: Where are you located and why did you select that location?

Denayer Mueller: We’re located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I am physically in Florida, this is where I live, but we see patients virtually. We are able to see patients virtually in multiple states, I do have another provider that works for me as well. She is licensed in Florida and she is working on getting her license in New York. I am licensed in Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Maine, Washington State, and Wyoming, and I have Hawaii and Virginia pending. We do virtual because we are able to reach more patients that way. It is easier for patients to just log on from home or some patients on their work break, their lunch break. They go out to their car, log in and have their appointment then and they can go back to work. They don’t have to drive to an office, they don’t have to wait in a waiting room, so the virtual option is very helpful for patients. It is convenient.

Stephanie Malench: What sets your practice apart from the competition?

Denayer Mueller: We personalize treatment plans for patients. We listen to what our patients say, it’s not a one treatment, size fits all option. We understand everyone is a little different, everyone’s circumstances are a little bit different. We do also offer an integrated approach where we can get more to the root cause of what is going on with patients. Sometimes a simple antidepressant will work for a patient because maybe they are going through a stressful time in their lives. But we have other patients who… they’ve tried different medications and nothing worked, They have side effect, their symptoms just aren’t treated. So, we have this option where we can do this lab testing where we can get to the root cause of what’s going on and address those issues.

Stephanie Malench: What is the most common diagnoses you see?

Denayer Mueller: Our most common ones are depression and anxiety. We have a lot of patients who are young, just getting out of college, just starting in the workforce, just getting out on their own and they’re kinda struggling with things. Today’s economy, life in general is kinda tough for people, interest, mortgages, rents are really high so we have a lot of patients who struggle financially they have some depression and a little anxiety about how they are going to pay their bills so those are our most common diagnoses.

Stephanie Malench: Do you take insurance?

Denayer Mueller: We do, we take Aetna, Oscar, United and Cigna. We also have self-pay rates, we keep those rates reasonable so patients can afford treatment.

Stephanie Malench: Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

Denayer Mueller: Um, no, not really.

Stephanie Malench: And what is the best way to get ahold of you?

Denayer Mueller: The website is the best option, If you are ready to schedule an appointment, you can just go on click the book online button you can access the calendar, and if you have trouble you can obviously call the office at (954)477-8023 and Rissa will be happy to help you. 

Stephanie Malench: Thank you very much.

Denayer Mueller: Thank you.


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